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Etnoeto started in the middle of 2009. 

It consists of drawings, paintings, illustrations, and prints.
Etnoeto was inspired by Serbian culture, music, people, and life. 
It represents a modern view and interpretation of Serbia. 
Somehow it should bring closer the tradition to modern society. 
It's a mixture of modern life and traditional surroundings. 
Surroundings are colorful, warm, and cold, representing 

the joy of living and unattainable freedom.


Marija Miljkovic / Marycmyk / 1986.

/ artist & dreamcatcher /
Belgrade, Serbia, Southeast Europe



2005 – 2008 / The College for Fine and Applied Arts, Belgrade
Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree, Graphic Design

2001 – 2005 / High School of Design, Belgrade
Qualification: Technician of textile design

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